Production of rubber compounds

Operation of moulded technical rubber was created in company ProPS s.r.o. in 2005 as logical outcome of customer requirements for development of rubber compound for required product and also its testing and sampling. This seperate operation of moulded rubber and rubber-metal products and parts we develop and test compounds for products for our customers, but we meet customer needs and products are also moulded. In this operation, in production process we are using direct link to our own rubber compounds mixing operation. Both operations are placed in same are of ProPS s.r.o. This allows us to be flexible in addressing the needs of our customer.

The largest volume of production in this seperate operation cosinsts of a special shaped moulded products, safety rubber features, shock absorbers, bumpers and rubber wedges. Another big part of the production is moulding of silentblocks and lot of other rubber-metal products.

The combination of manufacturing equipment for conventional and semi-automatic moulding and also conventional technology of transfer types of production with a full base development of rubber compounds in laboratory tests is guarantee of product quality and adherence to delivery deadlines. This allows our customers not to hold large stocks of supplies and use just-in-time deliveries.

Production of rubber cables

Company ProPS s.r.o. after gaining experiences with filler compounds for cable industry has expanded its activities in production of rubber products and began producing rubber cables. Electrical cables and flexible cords with rubber insulation, which essential part is compound based on natural on synthetic rubber, were used in the days preceding the development of usage of PVC granulate. Currently, tubber insulated cables are an integral part of both of wiring materials and leads for mobile storage. Their usage in temperature range - 40 to + 60 °C, high flexibility, oil resistance, ability to function at higher temperatures with possibility of permanent storage in water is irreplaceable in many applications.

Requirements for parameters of rubber cables are defined by technical norms and standards that company ProPS s.r.o. integrated into their internal standards. Stocks of finished products are flexibly adapted to the widest possible range of individual dimensions of cables for our customer's needs, their plans for assembly work and warehousing supplies of wholesalers.

Production of assembled cords

In order to extend the possibility of a comprehensive solution to our customer's needs in 2012 the company expanded its production and business actiovities in segment of silicon wires for temperatures from -55 to 180 °C, insulation tubes, taps and assembled cords including flexible leads in performance rubber or PVC (including PVC freeze resistant and variously coloured color). Therefore was opened the third plant, which is localized in traditional town of cables - Vrchlabí. In this plant, we have established on excelent product quaility, which was and still is produced in this tradition area of cables. Currently, we are strengthening the production of silicone insulated cables and tubes and significantly our production capacity to participate in projects in automotive segment, cuted cables and assembled cords. Development of new products is focused on special products with frost resistance and temperature range from - 55 to 180 °C. An integral part of production is also separate production of self-shrinkable tubes, self-vulcanized tapes and knitted tubes. We are using our long experiences with injection molds and producing complete flexible connections. Stocks of finished products is maintained across the product range and we are able to respond to our customer's order in days. In the automotive segment are standard delivery just in time. To ensure the quality and technical development and consulting customers we are using our own technology development.